July 9 – It’s National Watermelon Month


About the Holiday

On a steamy summer afternoon nothing refreshes like watermelon! The sweet, juicy treat is a favorite with kids and adults and makes a perfect snack, complement to any picnic, or colorful addition to fruit salad. Watermelon comes in all shapes and sizes, from the iconic large dark green barrel to small playground-ball-sized orbs to compact squares perfect for fitting on a refrigerator shelf. Whether you dig the seeds out or spit them, cut slices or use a melon baller, enjoy some watermelon today!

The Watermelon Seed

By Greg Pizzoli


“I love watermelon!” the little crocodile exclaims. It’s easy to see why. After all they have so much in common—same barrel body shape, same color, and while one has lots of teeth the other needs lots of teeth to be enjoyed! “Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!” Ever since the croc was a baby, watermelon has been his favorite treat.

“I like it for breakfast. I like it for lunch. I like a big salty slab for dinner…and I LOVE it for dessert!” Is there anything the crocodile doesn’t like about watermelon? Well…yes. And the croc has just swallowed it. Panic sets in! “I SWALLOWED A SEED!” And horrible scenarios swirl in his brain: “It’s growing in my guts! Soon vines will come out my ears!” Poor Croc even worries that he’ll end up in a fruit salad.


Image copyright Greg Pizzoli, 2013, courtesy of gregpizzoli.com

Croc starts to cry and then the worst happens! The seed starts growing! It’s expanding, and something funny (funny, peculiar not funny, haha) is happening inside! Here it comes….”Buuuuuurrrrrrppp!” “Oh. Here’s the seed.” Well, even if the seed was dislodged, Crocodile thinks the whole experience was way too close and resolves to never eat watermelon again.

“Well, maybe just a teeny, tiny bite.”

celebrate-picture-books-picture-book-review-the-watermelon-seed-dislodged seed

Image copyright Greg Pizzoli, 2013, courtesy of gregpizzoli.com

Greg Pizzoli’s watermelon-colored book sprouts laughs on every page. The cute crocodile with a watermelon obsession echoes the way kids latch onto a favorite food and need it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The added danger that lurks in every bite of watermelon increases the suspense and humor as the crocodile worries and frets. Kids will know that the promise to never eat watermelon again won’t last long and that “just a teeny, tiny bite” can’t hurt anything. Can it?

Pizzoli’s simple block-color illustrations of the watermelon-loving crocodile are the perfect complement to the story. Focusing on the croc’s facial expressions, from eager anticipation of that first bite to wide-eyed horror at swallowing a seed to googly eyed and wavy mouthed dread, each page gives kids lots to laugh at. And the two-page spread depicting the croc’s colossal burp that dislodges the seed invites repeated readings. In fact, The Watermelon Seed makes a delicious addition to children’s book shelves for fun story times.

Ages 3 – 7

Disney-Hyperion Books, 2013 | ISBN 978-1423171010

Enjoy a slice of The Watermelon Seed in this trailer!

Find more books and fun on Greg Pizzolis website!

National Watermelon Month Activity


Do You Seed the Differences? Matching Game


The identical slices of watermelon were separated in the picnic basket! Draw a line between the matching pieces in this printable Do You Seed the Differences? puzzle to create correct servings.


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