February 29 – Haiku Writing Day


About the Holiday

In honor of the shortest form of poetry, February—the year’s shortest month—has been designated as haiku writing month. While it may be the shortest form of poetry, a good haiku creates feelings and recognition far beyond its tiny size. Through objective words and unique juxtapositions, a haiku can make a reader experience a common event or emotion in a new and surprising way. February is National Haiku Writing Month, but you can write and enjoy this beautiful form of poetry every day of the year!

Guyku: A Year of Haiku for Boys

Written by Bob Raczka | Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds


When you’re a guy sometimes the best moments in life are just that—moments. Observing insects or splashing in puddles doesn’t need pages of explanation. And feelings?—Yuck! But still, wouldn’t it be cool to describe these unforgettable moments creatively? Bob Raczka and Peter H. Reynolds have done just that in Guyku, which plucks the essence out of such seasonal activities as kite flying, raking leaves, swatting mosquitos, skipping stones, building snowmen, and more. Each haiku is a small gem that boys (and girls) will recognize and identify with.


Image copyright Peter H. Reynolds, text copyright Bob Raczka. Courtesy of bobraczka.com

Peter Reynolds’ minimalist pen, ink, and watercolor illustrations highlight the brief poetry while giving each haiku individual boys who are curious, mischievous, determined, happy, and full of fun.Guyku stands up to multiple readings and will spark an appreciation for the joy in life’s fleeting moments.

Ages 4 – 8

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, New York, 2010 | ISBN 978-0547240039

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Haiku Day Activity

CPB - Haiku Day Bookmark (2)

Cute-as-a-Button Bookmark


Sometimes you just can’t finish a book in one sitting, or you want to mark your favorite poem so you can go back and read it again and again. This bookmark is easy to make and will keep your page in style.


  • Fleece or felt in your favorite color
  • Buttons of different colors and/or styles
  • Pony beads in various colors
  • Fabric or strong glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a strip of fleece or felt 1 – 1½ inches wide and 4 – 5 inches longer than the book you want to use it in.
  2. Glue the buttons onto the top of the bookmark
  3. Cut ¼ inch-wide by 1 inch-long fringe strips at the bottom of the fleece or felt.
  4. Slide pony beads onto the fringe strips (you may need to pull the fleece or felt through the bead with a tweezers)