September 20 – Get Ready Day


About the Holiday

Today’s holiday was established in 2006 by the American Public Health Association to encourage individuals, families, schools, businesses, and others to be prepared for any type of emergency. Having the right supplies on hand and proper training help to avert a larger crisis and can be a source of comfort and confidence. Take some time today to check your stock piles and preparedness plans and, if needed, enroll in a class like the heroes of today’s story!

The Three Ninja Pigs

Written by Corey Rosen Schwartz | Illustrated by Dan Santat


The Big Bad Wolf has never encountered Three Little Pigs like these! When he comes into town huffing and puffing and blowing homes down, the sibling trio (two brothers and a sister) in this fractured fairy take matters into their own trotters and vow: “‘We’ve got to get rid of that bully!’” / “‘We’re tired of letting him rule.’” / “‘We must put an end / To this terrible trend.’” / “‘Let’s train at that new Ninja school.’” At the dojo, Pig One begins to learn aikido, but with a “straw-house” attitude, he drops out after only two weeks.


Image copyright Dan Santat, courtesy of

Pig Two has a little more “stick”-to-itiveness with his Jujitsu training, and “The teacher said, ‘Excellent progress. / But Pig-san, you must study more.’ / Pig Two said, ‘No way. / Sayonara, Sensei! / I’m ready to settle a score.’” Thankfully, Pig Three has the steadfastness of a brick in her karate lessons and masters each move. “She balanced and blocked like an expert, / and practiced her lessons nonstop. / By the time she was through, / she could break boards in two / by performing a perfect pork chop!’” When she earns her black belt, she’s ready to rumble.


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When the wolf comes huffing and puffing to the straw house of Pig One, this little piggie can talk big but with a swing and a miss, he suddenly wishes he were more prepared. For Pig Two, things go…well…you know…. and the wolf chases the two brothers to their sister’s house. Here Pig Three stands waiting “…outside in her gi. / ‘I’m a certified weapon, / so watch where you’re steppin’. / You don’t want to start up with me!’” While she demonstrates her kicks and flips, the wolf stands strong, but when he witnesses her mighty ability to split bricks with one chop he scrams.

How do these intrepid pigs top that success? The brothers learn their lesson and—after going back to school—their ninja moves. After graduating these “Three pigs full of mojo / then ran their own dojo, / and life was forever wolf-free.’”  


Image copyright Dan Santat, courtesy of

Corey Rosen Schwartz has created a rowdy, rambunctious triple-pig threat in this uproarious rendering of the three little pigs tale. With perfect rhythmic limericks that are a joy to read aloud, Schwartz cleverly uses puns, funny dialogue, and one feisty piglet to chop the wolf down to size.

Dan Santat’s illustrations are full of angst, action, and attitude. Legs kick, hands chop, boards and bamboo fly as the three pigs and their nemesis wolf nearly leap from the page in their battles.

Ages 4 – 8

G. P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, 2012 | ISBN978-0399255144

Discover more about Corey Rosen Schwartz and her books plus fun activities and detailed teachers’ guides on her website!

Check out Dan Santat‘s site to learn about his books, view his artwork, and more!

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Watch this kickin’ The Three Ninja Pigs book trailer!

Get Ready Day Activity

CPB - Pig Day pigs

Roly-Poly Pig and Piglets


Get ready to have fun making this cute and easy craft! Ham it up with your own pig and piglets who can keep you company on your desk, near your bed or anywhere it’s fun to play!


  • 2 ½-inch wooden spoon, available from craft stores
  • 1-inch wooden spool, available from craft stores
  • Pink yarn, I used a wide-strand yarn
  • Pink fleece or felt
  • Pink craft paint
  • Pink 5/8-inch or 1-inch flat button with two holes
  • Pink 3/8-inch flat button with two holes
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker

CPB - Pig Day with spools (2)


  1. Cut triangular ears for the pigs – cut larger triangles for the big pig and smaller triangles for the babies. Leave a tab on the bottom of the ears to secure them with the yarn.
  2. Paint the spool with the pink paint
  3. Let spool dry
  4. When the spool is dry, glue the ears to the spool, letting the ears stick up over the rim of the spool.
  5. Wrap yarn in straight layers around spool until the body of the pig is a little bigger than the end of the spool, which will be the face
  6. Cut yarn off skein and glue the end to the body
  7. To make the nose, glue the button over the hole in the middle of the spool
  8. Mark the eyes and mouth with a marker
  9. To make the tail for the large pig, cut a 4-inch long piece of yarn. Tie a triple knot in the yarn (or a knot big enough to fill the hole in the spool). Then tie a single knot below the first knot. Insert the large knot into the spool’s hole at the back of the pig. Trim the yarn in front of the second knot as needed.
  10. To make the tail for the piglets, tie a single knot in the yarn and another single know below the first. Insert one of the single knots into the hole. Trim yarn as needed.


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