November 11 – Get Ready for Christmas


About the Holiday

Christmas is coming with all of the treats that go with it – including new holiday books to share! Toddlers and preschoolers love to be involved in all the preparations, decorating, and baking, and they love having their own books to snuggle up with as the weather turns chilly and the excitement grows. Today’s book will get kids and adults in the spirit of the holiday!

Fa-La-La Llama

Written by Joan Holub | Illustrated by Allison Black


Sure, kids can celebrate Christmas with Santa and elves and reindeer, but wouldn’t it be even more fun to party with llamas? Wild and wooly, llamas lend a cheery vivaciousness to the holidays with their fashion sense, their decorating savvy, and their beautiful singing voices—really!

What do I mean? Well, let’s pick a favorite Christmas song—say, “Deck the Halls” with its catchy chorus. You and the kiddos probably sing it this way: “Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la la la la la!” But the sleighful of llamas gathered together in Joan Holub’s board book sing it this way: “Decorate our hats with holly. Fa la la la la la la Llama.”


Image copyright Allison Black, 2021, text copyright Joan Holub, 2021. Courtesy of Cartwheel Books.

But these festive llamas aren’t just dressing up for the holidays, they’re going caroling, dancing under a disco ball in silly pants, and ice skating on the pond. How do these lovely llamas keep their hooves from freezing? “Mittens warm in snowy weather. Fa la la la la la la Llama.” And how about gifts? Sure! These llamas are adept at “Juggling presents all together. Fa la la la la la la Llama.”

With all the preparations complete, the hot cocoa poured, and a fire crackling in the hearth, there’s only one thing left to do—and that is to say (or sing), “Merry Christmas! Cozy good cheer. Fa la la la la la la Llama. / Wishing you a Happy New Year! Fa la la la la la la Llaaamaaa!”


Image copyright Allison Black, 2021, text copyright Joan Holub, 2021. Courtesy of Cartwheel Books.

Get ready to giggle and “La-la-llaaamaaa” with your little ones in Joan Holub’s effervescent take on a favorite holiday song that also includes touch-and-feel elements that begin right on the front cover, where a shiny ribbed foil evergreen is about to be turned into a Christmas tree. Opening the cover, little ones find that a white Christmas is assured as textured glittery snowflakes fall on a cheerful, pink llama. Other enticing treats include a pink tulle tutu ice-skating skirt, a silver rippled foil-wrapped present, and a sparkly bowtie of netting, foil, and glitter. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa, and he’s here too with a soft and wooly beard to tickle tykes’ fingertips—and fancy!

If you’re looking for a fun, infectious holiday story to share with your little one, you’ve found it! Joan Holub’s catchy rendition of “Deck the Halls” for the youngest readers is sure to have the whole family “Fa la la la la la la Llama-ing” as you decorate the tree, wrap gifts, bake cookies, and, of course, sing carols. Holub’s word choices make the verses easy for kids to remember, inviting them to read or sing (it’s impossible to resist singing!) along.

Allison Black’s adorable llamas decked out in winter’s most cozy hats, scarves, mittens, and sweaters can’t help but make you smile. Their enthusiasm for the season mirrors children’s own excitement, and their holiday activities will be familiar to kids as well. Black’s vibrant backgrounds, colorful fa-la-las, organically integrated touch-and-feel surprises, and sprinkling of humor make this a book little readers will want to put on repeat.

A perfect pre-holiday or advent gift, joyful story time read, or Christmas day stocking stuffer, Fa-La-La Llama is sure to be a hit with little ones and their grown-ups and is a must for any young child’s holiday board book collection at home, school, or public libraries.

Ages 2 – 5

Cartwheel Books, 2021 | ISBN 978-1338681475

Discover more about Joan Holub and her books on her website.

To learn more about Allison Black, her books, and her art, visit her website.

Get Ready for Christmas Activity


Gingerbread Kids Decorations 


Way back when gingerbread was new, it was creatively iced and used to decorate windows! Kids can make gingerbread decorations for their home, room, or as gifts without any baking at all with this easy craft!


  • Printable Gingerbread Girl and Boy Template or gingerbread boy and girl cookie cutters
  • 2 Brown foam sheets
  • White paint (or any color you like)
  • Glitter in two colors
  • Paint brush
  • 2 Small heart buttons (optional)
  • Mounting squares (for mounting)
  • Thread  and needle (for optional hanging)


  1. Cut out gingerbread girl and boy or use cookie cutters
  2. Trace gingerbread girl and boy on brown foam sheets
  3. Cut out gingerbread girl and boy
  4. Paint around the edge of the gingerbread boy and girl with the white paint
  5. Add trim to the edge of the gingerbread girl’s dress
  6. Add socks to the gingerbread boy
  7. Add buttons
  8. Add faces
  9. Paint the hands of each figure with the paint
  10. Sprinkle glitter on the hands to make mittens
  11. To use as decoration attach mountable squares or with a threaded needle make a hole in the top of the figures and tie the thread to create a hanger.


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