April 25 – World Penguin Day


About the Holiday

As Antarctica’s Adelie Penguins begin their northern migration today, we should remember that conservation of the environment is crucial to the survival of this and all 17 living species of penguins. Eleven species are listed as vulnerable or endangered. Why not learn a little more about the various kinds of penguins today? Or it would be a perfect day to visit a local aquarium and watch these waddling wonders dive and frolic in the water!

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups

By Tadgh Bentley


“Oh, hello. It’s so nice to HIC! meet you,” the little penguin greets readers from his ice floe on the first page. The penguin’s been expecting you and he’s so glad you’re here. You see, he has a HIC! problem and needs your help. Ever since last week when he ate a bowl of chili, he’s had the worst hiccups!

His friend Frederick—the one who told the penguin you were coming—suggested he stand on his head. Chester said to drink backward from a cup. And Albert thought a combination of the two would do the trick. But nothing works. Franklin came up with another idea, and that’s where you come in.

The penguin needs someone to scare him. Unfortunately the little guy doesn’t like being scared, so he’s ready for you to say “Boo!” on the count of three. Ready? “One – two – three.”



Well, that didn’t work. How about louder? “Boo!” Nope. Will nothing cure the hiccups? The disappointed penguin lies on the ice wondering if he’ll have the hiccups forever, but he’s willing to give it another go. This time shout, go crazy! Ready? “One – two – three.”


Was that you? No? Oh! It was Franklin! “What are you doing, Franklin?” the very scared penguin says, climbing out of the ocean. Now his feathers are all wet and his mom is NOT going to be happy because she just washed them and…wait a minute! His hiccups are gone, and he wants to celebrate! But, wait—with tacos? Hmmm…this could be a problem…

Tadgh Bentley’s adorable penguin with a problem of hicstorical proportions is sure to get kids giggling and shouting “Boo!” in this interactive picture book. The conversational tone and hiccup-interrupted story will have kids empathizing with and rooting for the little penguin in the throes of a very familiar condition. Bentley’s illustrations of the cute, plump penguin are full of angst, action, and humor. As little penguin greets readers, his friends play cards, fish, eat chili, and frolic on other ice floes. Kids will laugh out loud at the penguin’s attempts to banish the hiccups, and roar along with Franklin when he makes his dramatic appearance.

Ages 3 – 8

Balzar + Bray, Harper Collins, 2015 | ISBN 978-0062335364

World Penguin Day Activity


Puzzled Penguin Puzzler


These four penguins have lost their stuff! Can you untangle the paths that will lead the right penguins to the snowballs, sled, fish, and baby? Print the Puzzled Penguin Puzzler here!