November 25 – It’s Family Stories Month


About the Holiday

Children benefit so much from close relationships to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members. This month and next, as family gathers together for special holiday events, it’s fun for adults to share family history and their own funny stories of growing up with the younger generation. Letting kids know how much they’re loved by everyone in the family is important too. It helps them develop a sense of belonging, a good self-image, and confidence. Reading together is a perfect way to spend time together and get conversations started. Today’s book is a sweet way for aunts to let their nieces and nephews how cherished they are.

Auntie Loves You!

Written by Helen Foster James | Illustrated by Petra Brown


A baby bunny’s aunt remembers the first moment she gazed lovingly at the tiny new family member. She thought: “The moment we met / I knew you would be, / bunny-kins bunny, / a treasure to me.” She knew that as the bunny grew they would be “best buddies / like carrots and peas…” and have lots of adventures, dancing and singing and playing fun games.


Image copyright Petra Brown, 2018, text copyright Helen Foster James, 2018. Courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press.

Yes, the auntie reminds her wee little bunny “we go together like sprinkles on cake, / like kisses and hugs, / or ducks on a lake.” They’ll laugh and play all the day through then as they watch the sun dip into the sea, auntie will whisper “…my love goes with you / wherever you go.” When the bunny snuggles into a bed of soft grass, Auntie is there to sing a soft tune: “Snuggle down, bunny. / Sleep tight, love, sleep tight.”


Image copyright Petra Brown, 2018, text copyright Helen Foster James, 2018. Courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press.

Helen Foster James’ sweet tribute to the relationship between an aunt and her nieces and nephews is the prefect snuggle together book. Sprinkled with giggly words that are fun to say and reflect the freewheeling joy of spending time with little ones, James’ rhyming story reinforces the idea that Auntie’s heart is always filled with thoughts of and love for her nephew or niece. Family bonding is at the center of each page, and little ones will feel the warmth of that special friendship with a beloved aunt.

Petra Brown’s soft illustrations are filled with the tender moments between baby and aunt as they get to know each other while exploring nature. In the garden nibbling veggies, at the seashore collecting shells, and sailing a tiny boat made from a walnut shell, twig, and leaf on a pond, the aunt and bunny pair enjoy their days together. Gorgeous double spread images of the two sitting on a cliff watching the sunset as a lighthouse glows nearby, Mom and Auntie putting the little one to bed under a full moon, and the “best buddies” standing on the beach holding hands and looking out to the horizon and all that awaits them in the future make Auntie Loves You! a book that adults and kids will want to read again and again.

With a special page to record  who the book is presented to, who from, and the date, Auntie Loves You! makes an endearing keepsake and a wonderful gift for new babies and young children. Appropriate also for anyone who assumes an aunt-like relationship with a child.

Ages Birth and up

Sleeping Bear Press, 2018 | ISBN 978-1534110113

Discover more about Helen Foster James and her books on her website

To learn more about Petra Brown, her art, and her books, visit her website

Family Stories Month Activity

CPB - Rabbit Puppet made

Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet


With this easy and fun craft you can make your own little bunny who likes to play! Create a puppet for everyone and then use family stories or make up some of your own to act out!


  • Rabbit Puppet Template
  • A paper lunch bag
  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • Cotton Ball
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape


  1. Print the Rabbit Puppet template
  2. Color the parts of the rabbit and cut them out
  3. Place the flat paper bag on a table with the bottom flap facing you. Glue or tape the eyes, and the nose and whiskers to the bottom flap. Attach the ears, placing the tabs behind the top of the bottom flap. Attach the paws to the body below the bottom flap. Attach the cotton ball tail to the opposite side of the bag.  
  4. When it’s dry, use your puppet to tell family stories or make up tales of your own 


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