February 9 – It’s Library Lovers Month

The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara Picture Book Review

About the Holiday

For bibliophiles, this may be the best month of the year! Not only does your local library have shelves stacked with books, magazines, movies, and tapes of every kind, it offers comfy chairs, fascinating lectures, kids programs, and more! This month be sure to take part in some of the activities librarians have planned for you!

The Midnight Library

By Kazuno Kohara


A little librarian opens the doors to her library only as the sun goes down. Working with her three assistant owls, she helps the forest animals find the perfect book. The animals read quietly and the library is peaceful until one night when a band of squirrels begins playing their instruments in the reading room. The little librarian shushes the squirrels and they apologize, saying they’re just working on a new song. The librarian has the perfect solution! She shows the band to the upstairs activity room, and peace reigns once more in the library.


Image copyright Kozuno Kohara, courtesy of us.macmillan.com

Later that night it begins to rain—inside! The little librarian climbs the ladder to look at the roof, but instead of a leak she finds a wolf sobbing away. Her book is so sad, the wolf says, that she can’t read on. Gently, the librarian takes her to the storytelling corner where she, the owls, and Miss Wolf read the story together. The wolf discovers the book has a happy ending, something the library workers knew all along.


Image copyright Kozuno Kohara, courtesy of us.macmillan.com

All too soon the sun peeks over the horizon, and it’s time for the library to close. The patrons file out one by one, but who is left leisurely reading his book in the corner? It’s a tortoise who says he is not leaving until he finishes his book—only 500 pages to go! Once again the little librarian has the answer! She gives the tortoise a library card and reveals that he can take the book home with him and finish it there. The tortoise heads home feeling happy and lucky with the book strapped to his shell.


Image copyright Kozuno Kohara, courtesy of us.macmillan.com

With the library to themselves, the owls and librarian tidy up the shelves and snuggle in with one last book—bedtime stories for the sleepy owls.

The Midnight Library is a perfect bedtime—or daytime—book for budding bibliophiles and library lovers. With its dreamy quality, Kazuno Kohara’s story is as inviting and comforting as a favorite reading nook, and the little librarian of this nighttime treasure trove is sweetly reassuring as she quickly and calmly resolves the issues that arise in her domain. 


Image copyright Kozuno Kohara, courtesy of us.macmillan.com

Kohara’s characters are adorable, smiling with pleasure at gathering in their favorite place. An image of the owls holding Miss Wolf’s hands as they read her book together is particularly touching. Kids will love the tricolor pages that masterfully capture both the mystery and radiance of this welcoming after dark meeting place. As readers reach the end of the story, they will look forward to the next night when they can visit The Midnight Library again.

Ages 3 – 6

Roaring Brook Press, 2014 | ISBN 978-1596439856

Library Lover’s Month Activity

CPB - Librarian Thank You card

Design a Thank You Card


During this month make a card to tell your librarians why you love them and what you like best about the programs they create for you! Print the Thank You! card and then draw a picture and/or write a message and sign your name. Then fold it and give it to your favorite librarian. Get the Thank You! card here.

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