March 18 – World Sleep Day

I'll See You in the Morning by Mike Jolley Picture Book Review

About the Holiday

Established by the World Association of Sleep Medicine, World Sleep Day raises awareness of sleep problems and the remedies and ongoing research focused on helping adults and children get good, healthy sleep every day. This year’s theme is “Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream.”  The day will be observed with publicity, workshops, and speeches around the world on the important issues related to sleep—including medicine, education, social aspects, and driving—and better prevention and management of sleep disorders.

I’ll See You in the Morning

Written by Mike Jolley | Illustrated by Mique Moriuchi


Somehow the world seems different in the dark, making sleep elusive—especially for children. Are Mom and Dad still there if I can’t even see my toys? When will the sun come up again? How long is the night? I’ll See You in the Morning is a lyrical little book about nighttime and sleeping that answers these questions in soothing words that are both concrete and metaphorical and at all times familiar to a child. The reader becomes the comforter with such lines as “Don’t be afraid of darkness. / Don’t be afraid, my sweet. / The night is just a blanket / That helps the earth to sleep.”

The sleepy child can be reassured knowing that they are not alone in closing their eyes and drifting into dreamland: “Creatures great and / Creatures small / Will all be sleeping soon. / Under the same blanket… / Under the same moon.” Elsewhere, the child learns that a loved one, only steps away, stays with them until they go to sleep, and that through the night the twinkling stars keep watch.

The floating rhythm of Mike Jolley’s poem will quickly become a favorite part of any child’s bedtime routine. Mique Moriuchi’s soft, dreamy illustrations of a bright, smiling moon lighting the darkness where sheep frolic, kittens watch, bunnies sleep, and a child snuggles happily with his teddy bear are interspersed with all of these characters dancing and soaring together under the same moon. The palette of blues, purples, greens, and yellows unifies the story and creates a visual environment that invites the best, deepest slumber.

Ages Birth – 3

Chronicle Books, 2008 | ISBN 978-0811865432

World Sleep Day Activity

CPB - Pillowcase

Personalized Pillowcase


A Pillowcase all your own makes for a good night’s sleep or a fun storage bag for toys, clothes, or other stuff!


  • Pillowcase
  • Fabric markers
  • Cardboard, as large as the pillow case or area you will decorate


  1. Iron the pillowcase
  2. Slip the cardboard inside the pillowcase to keep the markers from bleeding through to the other side
  3. Decorate your pillowcase in any design you like

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