Word Search Puzzles

Enjoy these printable word search puzzles. They’re alphabetized by subject.


Airplane parts: Got a Plane to Catch Word Search Puzzle. and Solution

Art: Art-themed Word Search and Solution

Asteroid: Name That Asteroid! Word Search Puzzle and Solution – Asteroid names


Baking: Bake up Some Fun! Word Search Puzzle and  Solution – Baking-related words

Baseball:  Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Puzzle | Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Solution

Bats: Bats Word Search and Solution – Bat related words

Big words: “Big Words” Word Search and Solution

Bird species: Let’s Go Birding! Word Search Puzzle | Let’s Go Birding! Word Search Solution

Books: Book Love! Word Search Puzzle | Book Love! Word Search Solution – Twenty genres of literature

Brainstorming:  A World of Ideas Word Search and Solution

Breakfast: Breakfast is Best! Word Search PuzzleBreakfast is Best! Word Search Solution – Breakfast foods words


Cat breeds: The Cat’s Meow Word Search | Solution

Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year Word Search Puzzle | Chinese New Year Word Search Solution

Composting: Creative Composting Word Search and Solution

Constellations: Read the Stars Word Search Puzzle | Read the Stars Word Search Solution


Dance styles: Toe-Tapping Word Search Puzzle and  Solution

Dentist/Teeth: Smile for the Dentist

Dog breeds: I Love Dogs! Word Search Puzzle | I Love Dogs! Word Search Solution


Family members in English and Spanish: We Are All Family English/Spanish Word Search and Solution

Fashion: Mirror, Mirror, What Shall I Wear and Solution – Historical fashion words

Fencing: Fencing is Fantastic Fun Word Search Puzzle (20 words)Fencing is Fantastic Fun Word Search Solution (20 words)

Fencing, shorter: Fencing is Fantastic Fun Word Search (15 words, no diagonals) | Fencing is Fantastic Fun Word Search Solution (15 words, no diagonals)

Fish and seafood: What a Catch! Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Florida: Fabulous Florida! Word Search Puzzle | Fabulous Florida! Word Search Puzzle Solution

Frederick Douglass: Frederick Douglass Word Search Puzzle and Solution

“Friend” in 21 languages: A World of Friends! Word Search Puzzle | A World of Friends! Word Search Solution

Flowers: Plant a Flower Garden! and Solution


“Grouchy” synonyms: Smile if You’re Grouchy! Word Search Puzzle | Smile if You’re Grouchy! Word Search Solution


Halloween: Halloween Word Search

Hanukkah: Festival of Lights Word Search and Solution  

“Hello” in 25 languages: Hello, Friends! Word Search Puzzle | Hello, Friends! Word Search Solution

Horse breeds: Just Horsing Around! and Solution


Internet/Social Media: Trendy Trending Word Search Puzzle and Solution


Japanese food: Dining in Japan Word Search Puzzle | Dining in Japan Word Search Solution

Jobs of different types: Fun at Work! Word Search Puzzle | Fun at Work! Word Search Puzzle Solution


Knitting:  Knitting is Kneat! Word Search Puzzle Solution

Kwanzaa: Kwanzaa Word Search  and Solution


Laugh synonyms: Made You Laugh! Word Search Puzzle | Made You Laugh! Word Search Solution


Manners: Good Manners Matter  and Solution – Smiley face-shaped word search

Monkey species: Just Monkeying Around! Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Musical Instruments:  I Love Music! Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Mystery words: Mysterious Mystery Word Search Puzzle and Solution


Olympic sports: Go for the Gold! Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Opera terms: Opera Day Word Search


Pancakes:  Flip for Pancakes Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Passover: Celebrate Passover! Word Search Puzzle | Celebrate Passover! Word Search Solution

Pears: Delicious Pears! Word Search Puzzle | Delicious Pears! Word Search Solution

Poetry: You’re a Poet, Don’t You Know It! Puzzle | You’re a Poet, Don’t You Know It! Solution

Positive, uplifting words: Smile! It’s a Positively Fun Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Punctuation: Pick Out the Punctuation! Word Search Puzzle and  Solution 


Rhyming/Poetry: Nothing Rhymes with . . . Word Search Puzzle and Solution – 20 words that have no rhymes

Russia: Celebrate Russia Word Search and Solution


School: Smile for School! Word Search – 20 school-related words

School: Back to School Fun! Word Search Puzzle and  Solution – School-related words


  1. What Kind of Scientist Would You Be? Puzzle and Solution
  2. Get Moving with Newton’s Laws! Puzzle | Get Moving with Newton’s Laws! Solution

Sewing: Sewing Up Fun! Word Search and Solution – 25 sewing-related words

Sewing: So Much to Love about Sewing! Word Search Puzzle and  Solution – 20 sewing-related words

Sleep: Sleepy Time Word Search and Solution! – 15 sleep-related words

Snakes:  Slithering Snake Word Search

Soup ingredients: Souper Word Search Puzzle and Solution


Thesaurus-based words: Word Words Word Search and Solution

Train: All Aboard! Word Search Puzzle and Solution – Train words

Transportation types: Let’s Go for a Ride! Word Search PuzzleSolution  

Trees: Climb a Tree! Word Search Puzzle | Climb a Tree! Word Search Solution


Vegetables: Plant a Vegetable Garden!  and Solution

Veteran’s Day: Happy Veterans Day! Word Search Puzzle | Happy Veterans Day! Word Search Solution


Water-related words: A Sprinkling of Water Word Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Western words: Yee-haw! Word Search and Solution

Words that become other words with the change of one letter: What a Difference a Letter Makes Word Search Puzzle and Solution


Yoga: Strike a Yoga Pose Word Search and Solution


Z first initial words: Zing! Goes My Heart Word Search and Solution words that begin with Z

Zoo animals: Round Up the Animals! and Solution