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Find the Differences Puzzles


Astronomy Buffs Puzzle

Computer Kids Puzzle

Letter-Writing Kids Find the Differences Puzzle?

Peachy Picnic Find the Differences Puzzle


Matching Puzzles


Count Your Pennies! – match the right number of pennies to the price of an item

Day-Glo Maze – follow the intertwining lines to match the day-glo items

Mitten Match & Coloring Page – which mittens make a pair?

Mixed Up Cherry Pies Puzzle – which pies are identical?

Noodle on This Puzzle – follow the intertwined lines to match each type of pasta to a pot

Pi Day Pie Match – find the missing pieces of the pie

Match the Picnic Baskets

Puzzled Penguin Puzzler – follow the intertwined lines to match each penguin to its favorite activity

Strawberry Picking Match Up

Tangled Laces Shoe Match puzzle – follow the intertwined lines to match shoes to each child

Tugs to the Rescue! Matching Puzzle – follow the intertwined waterways to match each tug to its boat

Umbrella Matching Game  – which umbrellas are identical?

Winter Hat Match Puzzle – follow the intertwined lines to match each hat to a child




A-maze-ing Pets Maze – Dog-shaped maze

Amazin’ Bacon Maze and Solution – Frying Pan with Bacon in Center maze

Baker’s Dozen Maze – Cupcake-shaped double maze

Let’s Go Birding! Bird names word search and Solution

Brush Up on Your Smile! and Solution – Dentist or teeth related mze

Come Canoeing With Us  – Blue lake-shaped maze with graphics

Here’s to Warm Ears!and Solution – Earmuff-Shaped double maze

Garage Sale Maze and Solution

Just Horsing Around! Horse breeds word search and Solution

Lost and Found Kitten Maze

Mole Tunnels Maze

Pencil-shaped Maze

Sailboat Maze

Souper Maze and Solution Soup-related maze

Stealthy Ninja Maze

Tell a  Story Maze and Solution

Tugs to the Rescue! Matching maze

Help the Tooth Fairy Find the Tooth Maze and  Solution

Blow Your Horn for Jazz Day! – Trumpet-shaped maze


Word Scramble Puzzles


Architecture Word Scramble, with clues, and Solution

Awesome Aussie Animals Word Scramble

Endangered Species Word Scramble and Solution

Memorial Day Word Scramble

Totally Cool Mystery Phrase! – Solve the math problems to discover the letters and words to a mystery phrase

Say the Magic Word! and Solution! Magic-related words

Fascinating Sharks Word Scramble! and Solution! – Shark species with clues


Word Search Puzzles


Art-themed Word Search and Solution

Name That Asteroid! Word Search Puzzle and Solution!

Bake Me a Puzzle  – baked goods words

 Bats Word Search

Creative Composting Word Search

Good Manners Matter  and Solution – Smiley face-shaped word search

Just Horsing Around! and Solution – Horse breed names

Festival of Lights Word Search and Solution – Hanukkah-themed word search

Mysterious Mystery Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Opera Day Word Search

Flip for Pancakes Word Search Puzzle and Solution

Kwanzaa Word Search  and Solution

Plant a Vegetable Garden!  and Solution

Sewing Up Fun! Word Search and Solution

Smile for the Dentist

Smile for School! Word Search 20 school-related words.

So You Like to Sew Word Search puzzle! And here’s the Solution!

Word Words Word Search and Solution Thesaurus-based word search

We Are All Family English/Spanish Word Search and Solution

What Kind of Scientist Would You Be? Puzzle and Solution Different types of scientists

Zing! Goes My Heart Word Search and Solution words that begin with Z

Book-Related Crafts


CPB - Cat Bookmark (2)

Feline Fine about Reading Bookmark

This want-to-be literary lion feels fine about reading! Let it hold your page while you’re away! Print your Feline Fine about Reading Bookmark and color it!



Peppy Puppy Bookmark

This printable Peppy Puppy Bookmark is happy to hold your place while you’re away from your book!










History of the Story Bookmark

From cave paintings and hieroglyphics to the printing press and the computer, people have ensured that their thoughts were not forgotten. Here’s a printable The History of the Story Bookmark plus a blank one for you to fill in. Use them to mark your favorite stories!








I Have the Reading Bug Bookplate

Do you want to let everyone know which books are yours? Or just declare your love of books? Then display this printable I Have the Reading Bug Book Plate in your books. on your wall, or in your locker!





I’ve Got the Reading Bug! Books to Buy List

Do you love to read? Do you have a wish list of books you want to read next? Me too! Use this printable I’ve Got the Reading Bug! Books to Buy sheet to keep track of those great book ideas.


Kindness Cards


celebrate-picture-books-picture-book-review-random-acts-of-kindness-cards-feb-2018 -2

CPB - Random Acts of Kindness cards







Coloring Pages


Beaver Carrying Canadian Flag

Calaveras Coloring Page

Canadian Flag

Canadian Animals Coloring Page

I Love the Library! Coloring Page

I Love the Library! Coloring Page 

Lantern Festival Coloring Page 

Farmers Market Coloring Page

Sheep on a Farm Coloring Page





Hats Off to You! Matching Game



  1. Print 2 pages of the Hats Off to You! game cards (or more to make the game harder)
  2. Cut the cards apart
  3. Shuffle the cards
  4. Lay the cards face down on a table
  5. By turning one card over at a time, find all the matching pairs



Holding Hands Interchangeable Puzzle | Holding Hands Interchangeable Puzzle Coloring Page

Cut the puzzle pieces apart and reassemble them in any order to have the animals make new friends!



CPB - Pizza Day Toppings

Create Your Pizza Game

Play this fun game to build your pizza ingredient by ingredient before the others! For 2 – 8 players.