A-maze-ing Pets Maze  Dog-shaped maze

Busy Buzzy Bee Maze | Solution – Help the bees reach the flower

Chick This Out! Maze | Solution – Help the little rebel chicken find his way home

Lost and Found Kitten Maze – Find the kitten

Mole Tunnels Maze – Find your way through the tunnels to find the mole

Purr-fect Friends Maze |  Solution – Help one kitten find her friends

Find the Pet Maze | Solution – Help the pet detective find the lost dog

Book-Loving Shark Maze | Solution – Help the book-loving shark reach the books

Sleepy Owls Sleepover Maze | Solution – Help one sleepy owl reach his friends for a sleepover

A Squirrels’ Feast of Nuts Maze | Solution – Help one squirrel collect all the nuts on her way to meet her friend

Zoo Friends! Maze Puzzle | Solution – Round up all the zoo animals from start to finish


Earmuff Maze! | Solution – Earmuff-Shaped double maze

 Winter Hat Match  – Follow the winding ribbons to match the children with their hats

Whose Shoes? Maze – Match each child to their shoes


Amazin’ Bacon Maze | Solution – Frying Pan with Bacon in Center maze

Baker’s Dozen Maze – Cupcake-shaped double maze

Catch the Cookie! Maze | Solution – Help the girl reach the chocolate chip cookies

Crazy about Corn! Maze | Solution – Bring some kids and their favorite food together

Grab Those Hot Dogs! Maze | Solution –  Collect all the hot dogs while solving the maze

Grill Up Some Fun! Maze | Solution – Help the kids in the pool get some food

Piece of Cake! Maze Puzzle  | Piece of Cake! Maze Solution  – Help the kids through the maze while picking up cakes to get a slice of their own.

Souper Maze | Solution – Soup-related maze


Find the Perfect Pine Tree! Maze | Find the Perfect Pine Tree! Maze Solution – Help the kids find their way to an evergreen tree to cut for a Christmas tree

Monster Love! Maze | Monster Love Maze Solution – Help the monster collect all of the hearts.

Santa’s Sack Full of Presents Puzzle | Santa’s Sack Full of Presents Solution – Take the gift to Santa’s bag


Brush Up on Your Smile! | Solution – Dentist or teeth related maze

Cousins Connect! Maze | Solution – Bring the cousins together

Follow the Open Road Maze – Follow the criss-crossing roads to match the kids to the right cars

Friends Are A-Maze-ing Maze | Friends Are A-Maze-ing Solution – Help three kids meet their friends to make a snowman

In the Swim | Solution – Help one child find his way to the pool

Kids are A-maze-ing maze | Solution – Child-shaped maze

Let’s Go! Maze | Let’s Go! Maze Solution – Get the kids together so they can ride their scooters

Pirate Treasure Maze Puzzle | Solution – Collect pirate supplies while sailing through the maze to find the treasure chest

Rootin’-Tootin’ Round-Up Maze – Follow the maze to match each cowboy or cowgirl to their equipment

Stealthy Ninja Maze |  Solution – Ninja-themed maze

Take a Ride in the Little Red Wagon Maze | Solution – Help the kids find their way to the wagon ride

Tooth Fairy Maze |  Solution – Help the Tooth Fairy find the tooth


Come Canoeing With Us  – Blue lake-shaped maze with canoe graphics

Garage Sale Maze | Solution – Make your way from the house to the yard sale sign

Secret Tunnel Maze | Solution – Find your way to the center of the secret tunnel

Shining Lighthouse Maze | Solution – Complete the maze to bring light from the lighthouse to the ship

Get Out and Vote! Maze | Get Out and Vote! Maze Solution

Reading/Book Related

Pencil It In Puzzle!  | Solution – Pencil-shaped maze

Reading is Super Maze – Help the super reader bring books to his friends

Story Maze | Solution – Follow the story from beginning to The End

We Love to Read! Maze PuzzleSolution – Pick up books as you complete the maze


It’s Magic! Maze | It’s Magic! Maze Solution – Help the magic spell reach the top hat


Blow Your Horn for Jazz Day! – Trumpet-shaped maze

Contraption Crazy! Maze |  Solution – Follow the marble through the maze

Flashlight Fun Maze | Solution – Follow the flashlight’s beam

Gazing at the Moon Maze | Solution – Follow the sight line from the telescope to the moon

Get Out and Vote! Maze | Get Out and Vote! Maze Solution – Help a girl through the maze to the voting booth so she can cast her vote.

Find the Perfect Pine Tree! Maze | Find the Perfect Pine Tree! Maze Solution – Help the kids find their way to the evergreen tree in the middle of the maze

You’re Getting Sleeeepy Maze | Solution – Round “mesmerizing” maze


Flying is Fabulous! MazeFlying is Fabulous! Maze Solution – Bring the airplane into the airport

Ride with Me! Puzzle | Ride with Me! Puzzle Solution – Help a girl find her friend so they can ride bikes together

Tugs to the Rescue! – Help the tugs find the right ship