It’s Halloweensie Time

I’m excited to be participating in my first Halloweensie contest, hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill. What’s a Halloweensie? Much like a fun-size bag of M&Ms, a Halloweensie is a small, sweet treat of a story about Halloween that will appeal to kids 12 and under. The story must be only 100 words or less and contain three provided words. This year’s words are skeleton, mask, and creep.

You can read all of the spellbinding stories on Susanna’s blog through the provided links or in the comment section. Replies with your thoughts are appreciated!

If you’d like to try your hand at a Halloweensie, you have until October 31, 11:59 Eastern Standard Time to post and enter your story for a chance to win one of the prizes donated by a group of amazing authors. You can learn more about the rules and how to enter on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog.

Here’s my story. I hope you enjoy goblin’ it up!

Halloweensie Contest Skeleton Image

Custom Costumes

By Kathy Carroll

Hello! I’ve heard you’re just the kid

to help with my grave plight.

I’m going out on Halloween

and want to look a fright.

You see I’m just a skeleton

but hoping you can mask it.

I want to look my ghastly best

when creeping from my casket.

I need a scary-good disguise.

The wizard said you’re aces

at dressing up and eerie sounds

and making ghoulish faces.

So show me… vampire!… Zombie!… Ghost!

Oh! Choosing’s hard to do!

Wait! Freeze! Right there…. That’s it! Ah ha!

I want to go as you!

17 thoughts on “It’s Halloweensie Time

  1. Fabulous! Your rhyme and meter are spot on. Great word choice and hilarious twist at the end. And you’ve also chosen an unusual POV and given it a perfect title. If I had any say in it, we’d see this in Susanna’s short list! Good luck!

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