Fall Writing Frenzy – Spirit Day

The air is turning cooler, the leaves are changing into their colorful coats, and candy corn is back! It can all mean only one thing – it’s time for Fall Writing Frenzy, hosted by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis and supported by incredible prize donors!

This fun contest challenges writers to create a kidlit story or poem of 200 words or less based on one of fifteen photographs. Entries are welcome through October 3, with winners announced at the end of the month. If you’d like to enter or read some amazing kidlit stories and poems, check out Kaitlyn’s website here and Lydia’s website here for rules, and here to find links to entries. You can also follow along and comment on entries on Twitter at #FallWritingFrenzy.

Thanks, Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for hosting this fun contest and the opportunity to share my story and discover terrific writers and blogs!

My 188-word middle grade story “Spirit Day” was inspired by image 10. Thanks for reading!

Fall Writing Frenzy Skeleton Image 7

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Spirit Day


Kathy Carroll


What am I doing here? How did I get wrapped up in Mum’s enthusiasm for this Spirit Day bonfire? Mum’s always hoping I’ll make a friend. But she doesn’t have to sit in class with a bunch of zombies or deal with princesses who give her the side-eye as they flounce by. She doesn’t have to pass the witchy ghouls, cackling in their coven cliques, and listen to jokers who don’t have a humerus bone in their body but think “Didja bone up for the test?” “You play trom-bone in the band?” are hilarious. Like I haven’t heard those before.

But Mum didn’t make me step out of the shadows, and now Mort, who’s been hovering around all night, is drifting my way. My insides are crawling with spiders, weaving sticky webs; my chest feels packed with tar; and my knees are knocking tibia to fibula. Then, suddenly, Mort’s standing in front of me. A ghost of a smile flits across his pale face, and as I gaze into his deep-set eyes, I wonder if, with all these wires in my mouth, he can tell I’m smiling back.


7 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy – Spirit Day

  1. I love the spooky yet relatable school cliques and characters that you’ve created. Would love to see this expanded into a series of books and/or a TV show. @AnneLipton

    Liked by 1 person

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