Record Chalkboard Bulletin Board

CPB - Record Bulletin Board

Record Chalkboard Bulletin Board

Do you play the piano or another instrument? Would you like to make a record some day? Why wait? In this fun craft you can create your own record bulletin board—and even create your own label art! While this record may not spin on turntables around the world, it will drop in a more important place—your very own room!


  • Printable Record Label for you to design
  • Board Options. This craft can be made as a chalk board, a bulletin board, or a combination of the two
    • Chalk Board Only: use thick poster board for a sturdier board or regular poster board or cardboard
    • Bulletin Board Only: Use thick poster board or card board and Adhesive Cork OR a corkboard at least 12 inches by 12 inches
  • Adhesive cork (optional)
  • A 12-inch round plate, record, or other round object to trace OR a compass
  • Chalkboard paint, black OR any black paint will work. Chalkboard paint may erase easier and cleaner
  • X-acto knife or scissors
  • Paint brush or foam paint brush
  • Mounting squares


  1. Cut a section from the adhesive cork a little larger than 12 inches by 12 inches
  2. Affix the cork to the foam board
  3. Trace the 12-inch round object onto the cork/foam board OR use the compass to make a 12-inch circle
  4. With the x-acto knife or scissors, carefully cut out the circle (Adult help needed for children)
  5. Cut out a ¼ -inch circle in the center of the record bulletin board (optional)
  6. Paint the top, sides and inside the spindle hole with the black chalkboard paint. Let dry
  7. Print the label template and design your own record label
  8. When the paint is dry, glue your label to the center of the bulletin board
  9. Hang your bulletin board with the mounting squares
  10. Decorate!

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