Holidays and Books for April 16 – April 22

April 15


Take a Wild Guess Day

Are You a Monkey? A Tale of Animal Charades, by Marine Rivoal 


April 16


Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Piggies in Pajamas, written by Michelle Meadows | illustrated by Ard Hoyt 


April 17


Bat Appreciation Day

Bats in the Band, by Brian Lies 

Haiku Poetry Day

Guess Who? Haiku, written by Deanna Caswell | illustrated by Bob Shea 

H is for Haiku, written by Sydell Rosenberg | illustrated by Sawsan Chalabi

Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons, by Jon J. Muth 

Guyku, written by Bob Raczka | illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds 

The Maine Coon’s Haiku and Other Poems for Cat Lovers, by Michael Rosen | illustrated by Lee White 


April 18


Banana Day

Bananas in My Ears, written by Michael Rosen | illustrated by Quentin Blake 

World Heritage Day

Around the World in a Bathtub: Bathing All Over the Globe, written by Wade Bradford | illustrated by Micha Archer 

Gokul Village and the Magic Fountain, written by Jeni Chapman and Bal Das | illustrated by Charlene Chua 

My First Book of Japanese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book of Japanese Language and Culture, written by Michelle Haney Brown | illustrated by Aya Padron 

Chow Mein and Potstickers, written by Liselotte Schippers | illustrated by Monique van den Hout 

School Days Around the World, written by Margriet Ruurs | illustrated by Alice Feagan 


April 19


Bicycle Day

Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, written by Laurie Ann Thompson | illustrated by Sean Qualls


April 20


Teach Children to Save Day

A Dollar, a Penny, How Much and How Many?, written by Brian P. Cleary | illustrated by Brian Gable 


April 21


International Astronomy Day

A is for Astronaut: Blasting Through the Alphabet, written by Clayton C. Anderson | illustrated by Scott Brundage

Look Up! Henrietta Leavitt, Pioneering Woman Astronomer, written by Robert Burleigh | illustrated by Raúl Colón

National Kindergarten Day

Lily’s Cat Mask, by Julia Fortenberry

School’s First Day of School, written by Adam Rex | illustrated by Christian Robinson

Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes, written by Tim Wynne-Jones | illustrated by Brian Won

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade, written by Justin Roberts | illustrated by Christian Robinson

Sophie’s Squash Go to School, written by Pat Zietlow Miller | illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf

National Record Store Day

The Bear and the Piano, by David Litchfield

Bears in a Band, written by Shirley Parenteau | illustrated by David M. Walker (preschool/kindergarten)

Hana Yashimoto, Sixth Violin, written by Chieri Uegaki | illustrated by Qin Leng

Hey, Charleston! The True Story of the Jenkins Orphanage Band, written by Anne Rockwell | illustrated by Colin Bootman

How Jelly Roll Morton Invented Jazz, written by Jonah Winter | illustrated by Keith Mallett

Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph, written by Roxane Orgill | illustrated by Francis Vallejo

Music Class Today!, written by David Weinstone | illustrated by Vin Vogel

Talkin’ Guitar, by Robin Gourley

National Tea Day

The Tea Party in the Woods, by Akiko Miyakoshi

Tea with Oliver, by Mika Song

April 22


Earth Day

Bird Builds a Nest: A First Science Storybook, written by Martin Jenkins | illustrated by Richard Jones

Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth, written by Mary McKenna Siddals | illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Finding Wild, written by Megan Wagner Lloyd | illustrated by Abigail Halpin

Flashlight Night, written by Matt Forrest Esenwine | illustrated by Fred Koehler

Green City: How One City Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future, by Allan Drummond

Kate, Who Tamed the Wind, written by Liz Garton Scanlon | illustrated by Lee White

Pedal Power: How One Community Became the Bicycle Capital of the World, by Allan Drummond

One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia, written by Miranda Paul | illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon

Over and Under the Pond, written by Kate Messner | illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt, written by Kate Messner | illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Warbler Wave, by April Pulley Sayre