Doctors & Nurses Clothespin Figures

CPB - Doctors Clothespins

Doctors & Nurses Clothespin Figures

Make one of these clothespin figures that honors hard-working and compassionate emergency nurses!

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CPB - Doctors Clothespins on box


  1. Draw a face and hair on the clothespin
  2. Cut out the outfit you want your doctor to wear (color pants on your clothespin if you choose the lab coat)
  3. Wrap the coat or scrubs around the clothespin. The slit in the clothespin should be on the side.
  4. Tape the clothes together
  5. Wrap the cap around the head and tape it.
  6. If you’d like to display your clothespin doctor on a wire, string, or the edge of a box or other container, cut along the dotted lines of the clothes template.

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