Books Reviewed for September, 2017

1: Letter Writing Day – Kuma-Kuma Chan’s House by Kazue Takahashi

2: National Save a Tiger Month—A Tiger Tail: (Or What Happened on Anya’s First Day of Kindergarten) by Mike Boldt

3: Happy Cat Month—Black Cat, White Cat by Silvia Borando

4: National Wildlife Day—Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark written by Heather Lang | illustrated by Jordi Solano

5: Cheese Pizza Day—Pizza! An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen

6: Read a Book Day—We Forgot Brock! by Carter Goodrich

7: Buy a Book Day—Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons written by Sara Levine | illustrated by T. S. Spookytooth

8: All American Breakfast Month—Everyone Loves Bacon written by Kelly Dipucchio | illustrated by Eric Wight

9: National Bake and Decorate Day—Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake written by Michael Kaplan | illustrated by Stephane Jorisch

10: Grandparent’s Day—Lotus & Feather written by Ji-li Jiang | illustrated by Julie Downing

11: Make Your Bed Day—Piggies in Pajamas written by Michele Meadows | illustrated by Ard Hoyt

12: Read a New Book Month—Balderdash! John Newberry and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books written by Michelle Markel | illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

13: National Quiet Day—Charlotte and the Quiet Place written by Deborah Sosin | illustrated by Sara Woolley

14: Live Creative Day—Crocodali by Lucy Volpin

15: International Dot Day—The Dot by Peter Reynolds

16: Classical Music Month—Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin written by Chieri Uegaki | illustrated by Qin Leng

17: Better Breakfast Month—Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen

18: National Respect Day—Nothing Rhymes with Orange by Adam Rex

19: Self-Care Awareness Month—The Curious Cares of Bears written by Douglas Florian | illustrated by Sonia Sánchez  

20: Read a New Book Month—Small by Gina Perry

21: Self-Awareness Month—Where Oliver Fits by Cale Atkinson

22: Read a New Book Month—It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk written by Josh Funk | illustrated by Edwardian Taylor

23: International Rabbit Day—The Old Lion and the Little Rabbit by Keiko Kaichi

24: National Punctuation Day—Exclamation Mark written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal | illustrated by Priscilla Holbrook

25: World Dream Day—Smoot written by Michelle Cuevas | illustrated by Sydney Smith

26: Love Note Day—Little Wolf’s First Howling written by Laura McGee Kvasnosky | illustrated by Kate Harvey McGee

27: World Tourism Day – The 50 States Fun Facts by Gabrielle Balkan | illustrated by Sal Linero

28: Read a New Book Month—Pony in the City by Wendy Wahman

29: National Courtesy Month—Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

30: National Ghost-Hunting Day—Goldfish Ghost written by Lemony Snicket | illustrated by Lisa Brown