Bookmarks, Bookplate, Reading List

Enjoy these with your favorite books!

CPB - Cat Bookmark (2)



Feline Fine about Reading Bookmark

This want-to-be literary lion feels fine about reading! Let it hold your page while you’re away! Print your Feline Fine about Reading Bookmark and color it!


Peppy Puppy Bookmark

This printable Peppy Puppy Bookmark is happy to hold your place while you’re away from your book!












History of the Story Bookmark

From cave paintings and hieroglyphics to the printing press and the computer, people have ensured that their thoughts were not forgotten. Here’s a printable The History of the Story Bookmark plus a blank one for you to fill in. Use them to mark your favorite stories!


I Have the Reading Bug Bookmark

You’ll love marking your pages with this cute, printable I Have the Reading Bug Bookmark. See the bookplate and reading list below to make a whole set!










I Have the Reading Bug Bookplate

Do you want to let everyone know which books are yours? Or just declare your love of books? Then display this printable I Have the Reading Bug Book Plate in your books. on your wall, or in your locker!




I’ve Got the Reading Bug! Books to Read List

Do you love to read? Do you have a wish list of books you want to read next? Me too! Use this printable I’ve Got the Reading Bug! Books to Read sheet to keep track of those great book ideas.